ECU designing using STM 32

workshop - Embedded
May 19, 2022
9:30 a.m.




6 Hours

This workshop is about STM microcontroller. In these days, students who are opting for core jobs may not be aware of programming or coding when it comes to automotive software sector. Since this workshop is focusing on AI and ML, participants will get to know about python, data science and data analysis; how a STM microcontroller works, it’s function and internal architecture & configuration. The participants will also know how to set up python environment for ML in their own laptop, deep knowledge & work experience in data science, etc., 
Topics covered in the session:
Cube MX and STM32 tool Introduction, and Hands-on training on pulse width modulation signal and IO signal. 

Session will be handled by two experts 
Iswarya M, Embedded Firmware Developer, TPEP Research & Product Development,
Thirumurugan S, Embedded Hardware Executive, TPEP Research & Product Development