Story So Far
Yugam makes Kumaraguru a locus of scholastic learning and innovation for diverse individuals from all over South India with various themes through the years such as Circle, Time, Infinity etc., The signature events like the Balloon festivals, music concerts, Socio constant initiatives, etc., have never failed to inspire students from all over South India

For the first time ever since its genesis, Yugam went online in 2021. YUGAM ’22 is here again with the theme ‘Reincarnate’ that marks a brand-new reawakening, a renascence, to carry forth the legacy of Kumaraguru.


Yugam stands as an epitome of euphoria, pumping an intense beam of joy in every witnessing heart. A vast entity of potential events augments the fest, roping in the fields of technology, arts, literature, sports, culture etc.,The new tech bolt gesture of Yugam is indeed an arousing experience.

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Every man who wants to achieve a colossal goal needs an opportunity to glow brightly. Yugam serves as a scaffolding to reveal superlative ideas and talents. Yugam 2022 will be enhancing participants to bring more creative ideas, will evoke their forbidden talents and esteem them at larger sublimity.

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Dialogues and engagements instigate and motivate the youth to seek an undying inspiration and channel their energy into something greater. Inspire India YouthCon provides just that, collaborative of talk series, panel discussions, stories, monologues, workshops & pro shows, aimed at igniting the youth to launch themselves into the ‘constant idea generation’ and focus their mental energies in the right direction.

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What it means to lead a life in uniform? Defence Career Expo has a simple but a precise objective, to show that the nation’s armed forces offer a vast number of opportunities to the youth of the nation and are dubbed as India’s most exciting workplace. The spectrum of the vibrant life in the three-armed forces are being offered to you. Are you ready for it?

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The secret of living is giving. Giving back to society is the essence of fulfilment, and Kumaraguru promotes that contentment through socio constant. Socio Constant strives to cultivate in individuals the habit of giving, develop social consciousness, and advocate a zero-waste policy.