Our Journey

Kumaraguru Institution, a youth development bastion, celebrates diversity and innovation through Yugam. As South India's premier Techno-Cultural Sports and Literary festival, Yugam'24 provides a platform for technocrats, artists, and sports enthusiasts. Since 2013, Yugam has been a hub for young change-makers, with themed events like 'Circle,' 'Time,' and 'Transcend.' The 12th edition, Yugam’24, themed “ZENITH”, beckons participants to explore new frontiers and elevate the festival's grandeur. Let's commemorate Yugam's evolution as a narrative of constant growth and ambition.

We now stand at the peak of this evolution, embodying collective aspirations and achievements. The journey of reincarnation and transcendence has brought us to this pinnacle of excellence, where endless possibilities await. Let's commemorate Yugam's evolution not just as an event but as a narrative of constant growth and unyielding ambition.


  • At a general event , participants can explore a multitude of activities for a general fee, offering an immersive experience.

  • At a signature event , participants can engage in highlighted activities for a specific fee, enhancing their overall experience.


  • Workshops are interactive learning sessions that provide practical skills and in-depth knowledge on specific subjects, led by experts in the field.