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Introduction to Metal Additive Manufacturing & Brake Composites

workshop - Mechanical Science
April 3, 2021
10 a.m.




4 Hours

Experience the core principles of Material Science and understand the Engineering Materials used in the world around! Explore the properties associated with each type of material!  And also about the methods used to experimentally determine and quantify a material's properties. Know how a Material Engineer chooses a suitable Material for a simple application and the Fundamentals of Structure, Bonding, Crystal Structure, Atomic and Microscopic Defects, Non-Crystalline Materials, Polymers, and Brake Composites. 

Learning Goals:

1. Discover the methodologies and Workflow of the design of metal Additive Manufacturing and apply them to your own Projects.
2. Look at the Design through the eyes of an engineer with experience in Metal Additive Manufacturing. 
3. Learn and Explore the Composite Materials used in Break Pads and Disc Brakes.

DAY 1: Session on Introduction to Metal Additive Manufacturing 
DAY 2: Discussion on Composite Materials for Brake Pads. 

Pre Requisites: 
  • The workshop will be conducted via MS Teams. Have MS Teams Installed in Your Device.
  • Laptops/Mobiles with MS Teams Capability.
  • Uninterrupted Network Connectivity.
  • KCT YUGAM Certificate.
  • Interaction session by a resource person from National R&D Laboratories
  • Contact/Connection with a person from National R&D Laboratories.  
Mr. Srivathsan V - 9751490314