After Effects


workshop - Embedded
May 21, 2022
9 a.m.




7 Hours

A collaborative workshop by Nigal- Videography Club of KCT and the Department Association of CSE to equip the participants with tips, tricks and techniques Advanced Video making and editing tools like Blender, After Effects and Illustrator. The workshop is aimed at giving detailed knowledge as to when, where and how to use these tools in order to thrive and shine in their domain of interest.

Session 1 - Hands on Illustrator: 
The students will be taught about the powerful tools used in Adobe illustrator to create authentic logos & unique text fonts. They will also be taught how to design text format for title cards
Session 2 - Hands on Blender:
The students will be taught to design the authentic 3D models & learn about the powerful tools used for object creation. The texts & logos created in Illustrator will be animated & the students will be made to use the tools to convert the designed 2d text to 3d text 
Session 3 - Hands on After Effects:
The outputs obtained from blender & illustrator will be edited & colour graded in adobe after effects. The students will be made to learn about the professional tools used for visualization & CGI. The students will also be shared the resources to learn about creating & designing infographics