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IoT using LoRA

workshop - electrical science
March 2, 2020
9 a.m.



C block-DSP Lab

14 Hours

Are you interested in making a scientific world using IoT? The workshop aims at making the participants explore LoRaWAN technology, emerging technology in the field of IoT. Explore the clouds of IoT with other fellow techno wizards!

Hosting Company: Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt Limited.

Agenda for the workshop

Day 1

• Introduction to IoT

• Introduction to Long Range IoT / Industrial IoT

• Hardware Selection for LoRa Technology

• Introduction to Arduino Based LoRa End Node

• Hands-On: Arduino Programming and Library Installation

• Hands-On: Sensor Integration with Arduino

• DIY: Sensor Integration with Arduino

Day 2

• Introduction to LoRaWAN Protocols

• Introduction to LoRa Modules

• Hands-On: Gateway Registration with Network Server

• Hands-On: Application Server Registration

• Hands-On: End Device Data Interface for receiving Raw Data in the

Things Network cloud platform

• Hands-On: Payload Formatter for viewing Real Data

• Hands-On: Data Storage and Real-Time Data Monitoring using Third

party Application Server Integration

• Hands-On: SMS/ Email/ Call Alert for Emergency Notification System