Defence Career Expo:

Congratulations participant! You’ve taken the first step in the vast journey of experiencing the excitement offered to you by India’s Armed Forces. This will lead to a transformation within you, from which you’ll emerge excited, enthralled and educated. So I guess there’s only one thing left to ask you…

How’s the Josh?


Before the start of any operation, the warriors of the Armed Forces have a briefing, where their morale is made ready for any challenge that may appear. The Inauguration will give you a crystal clear idea of what the event will entail, while also getting you ready and raring to go.

Army Capsule:

The Indian Army is the ground component of the Indian armed forces. Its primary role and responsibility are to ensure that the territorial integrity of India's borders is maintained against all adversaries. The Indian Army provides you with the opportunity of serving anywhere in the length and span of the country. Your office could be anywhere, from the peaks of the Himalayas to the Deccan Plateau, from arid deserts to wet and wild forests. The Indian Army has various roles that it carries out in service of the Nation and offers you the opportunity of choosing which role you play. Do you want to drive a tank through sand dunes in a desert or fly a helicopter through narrow mountain passes, do you want to command a missile battery or pilot a drone deep into enemy territory, do you want to work with the latest communication equipment or be an Intelligence Officer? No matter what you want, the Indian Army has it all for you. All you need to do is ask, and you can live a life less ordinary.

Air Force Capsule:

Indian Air Force is the aerospace power of India, it secures India’s Aerospace against all forms of attacks. The Indian Air Force operates in some of the most technologically advanced battlefields known to humans. The Airspace is the most well known of these battlefields. Fighter aircraft, missiles and helicopters are employed to secure it. Space is often referred to as the final frontier for the Indian Air Force, however, it's just another workspace. Satellites, Anti-Satellite weapons and soon manned mission will form the spearhead of India’s space combat capabilities. An increasingly crucial battlefield is the one that is created by zeroes, and ones, CyOps (Cyber Operations) are being carried out to secure this vital resource without which life today would be unimaginable. What seems to be cutting edge technologies and groundbreaking technologies to you are just regular tools for our Nation’s Air Warriors, as they continue to be a cut above.

Navy Capsule:

The raison d’etre of the Indian Navy is to fulfil multiple challenging roles. Indian Navy not only secures India's Maritime borders and coastline but plays a vital part in India's diplomacy and international Law enforcement as well. The Navy’s tasks range from creating 'Bridges of friendship' with other friendly countries, working against maritime crime and assisting in disaster relief. Navies across the world have been traditionally used as symbols of a Nation's might and power. Indian Navy showcases not just the military capability of India but also puts forth the Indian values, principles and ideals that form the basis of our Nation to friend and foe alike. Naval ships form a very crucial path of India's diplomacy. The Navy also acts as Law enforcement in the high seas and performs antipiracy, anti-terrorism, anti-poaching and anti-trafficking operations across the Indian Ocean Region. Members of the Indian Navy have the unique opportunity of serving their country throughout the globe. The tools and weapons used by the Indian Navy to accomplish this task are the pinnacles of modern technological advancements. So come ahead to explore the ocean of opportunity.

Closing ceremony

With this, your Defence Career Expo journey comes to a pause for this year. One should celebrate and commemorate this journey, so go ahead and enjoy this fantastic finish.