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ADM 303

May 19, 2022
9 a.m.

General Event Fee



8 Hours

Code2Duo is a signature event by the IT department that draws the best and the brightest coding talent from all the participants. This test your logical and programming skills via interesting rounds. Solve the challenges and add to your credibility! 

Round 1- Snap it 
Initially, questions will be displayed on the projector with a timer being set. The teams which score the least will be terminated from the event. Questions will be based on computer industry, computer history, formal mathematical, programming and technical computer-related problems. 

Round 2- Code Safari 
In this round, you’ll be asked to build a code based on the question provided to your team. There will be exactly two hours to work on the solutions. You will be awarded points depending on your performance on the given problem. Compete with your peers and showcase your best coding skills.  

Round 3- Knock out 
Finally, A set of questions will be given to the shortlisted team, where one person from the team has to go pin their answer on the given dartboard after solving it. Where only the first team to answer correctly in the dartboard gets the points. Based on the correct number of answers given by the teams, the winners will be announced. 


1. Participants are expected to be on time to their allotted venues. 

2. Team of two people will be allowed to compete. 

3. Cell phone or Internet use by any team member during the contest will results in immediate disqualification of that person’s entire team. 

4. Participants needn’t bring any laptops, tabs or paper to the contest room. Blank sheets of paper, pens and a system will be provided. 

5. Each team will be assigned to a specific computer and must write and test their programs on that machine, only within the contest room. 

6. Participants may write their programs in whichever language they prefer. 

7. Participants in the same team can discuss the problems they are assigned. However, they should do so in a quiet way without disturbing the other teams. 

8. Participants are expected to maintain discipline throughout the event and cooperate with the event coordinators.