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Fox Hunt

Fox Hunt


In front of ECE department

10:30 AM

General Event Fee



7 Hours

Are you techie-player? Do you believe that learning is fun? Then mark your calendar for the most anticipated event called “FOX HUNT”. Build your receiver according to the specifications given by us. Compete with other teams and hunt for your transmitter in the fierce battle area.

Problem statement:
Design a Radio Receiver and Antenna which is capable of homing in and finding the location of a transmitter hidden in the college campus. The Receiver must have a tuning knob to tune the receiver to listen in the 2-meter radio band. The broadcast signal will be a 145 MHz FM beep signal with a transmitting power in the range of 1 Watt - 5 Watt

Rules and Regulations:
A maximum of three members per team is allowed.
Participants are permitted to use ready made antennas that are available commercially.
The use of IC's and local oscillators is permitted 
Meters of current and voltage can be only used for measurements and not as a part of the main circuit
Teams may use alternative methods such as triangulation for the task.
The power of the transmitter will be 1 W - 5 W

The first and second teams to find the Transmitter are declared as the winner and runner of the Fox Hunt.
But if the team is found to violate the rules, the event coordinators have the right to disqualify the team
The judge's decision is final.