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Electrical Sciences

B Block Project Lab

May 19, 2022
10 a.m.

General Event Fee



4 Hours

Are you a tech enthusiast who is immersed in the field of circuits? Are you waiting to showcase your skills and knowledge? Then this is the right event for you. Isn’t it fascinating to team up with your friends and light sparks to your knowledge? What are you waiting for? Register, participate, win, and celebrate.

ROUND 1: In this round, participants will be given MCQs based on machines, circuits etc.,

ROUND 2: Participants who clear round one will qualify for round 2. They will be given a set of questions to solve. Based on the mark and time taken to complete the round, four teams will be qualified for the final round.
ROUND 3: A problem statement will be given, and participants need to solve that and give connection according to that. The Team to finish first with the required output will be the winner.  


1)Maximum of two per team  

2)Usage of mobile phones are strictly prohibited. 

3)Time limit will be strictly adhered to. 

4)Time of completion will be considered as tie breaker. 

5)Judges decision will be final.