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Robo Sumo


Basket Ball Court

09:00 AM

General Event Fee



24 Hours

Interested in fighting? Bring it on! Robo Sumo allows two robots to push each other and get the opponent out of the ring in a given time. Be it remote-controlled or autonomous. Make your bot last long to be the winner!

Rules And Regulations :
  • The robots should fight one on one to earn points.
  • Two rounds of 2 minutes each will be conducted for every match and the final round will be a one-minute fixture. 
  • The bot is allowed to touch only when it is driven into the pit to regain its original position.
  • Otherwise, the participants are not allowed to touch the robot during the match. Hand touch during the event will result in -5 points.
  • The round will end when a bot is immobilized for more than 20 seconds.
  • A time out for 1 minute will be given in between the 2 rounds. Any team unable to fight after the time out will be eliminated.
  • Any other discrepancies will be solely solved by the organizers and it remains the final.
  • The awards will be decided based on the points and the team with more number of points at the end of three rounds will be considered as the winner.
  • The dimensions of the robot used for knock-out is 25*25*20cm (length *breadth*height) ( 5cm tolerance for length and breadth, 2cm tolerance for height were allowed).
  • The bots are allowed to contain weapon systems in it but those weapons should not damage the arena and the opponent robots.
  • The maximum permissible weight for the robot is 15 kg. (tolerance of 3kg allowed)
  • The robot should not be split intentionally into components or parts during the match.
  • Negative clearance will not be allowed.
  • The Battery should not exceed the max voltage of 24V.
  • The battery such as LIPO, LI-ION, sealed lead-acid, NI-Cd can be used. During the match, the battery should not be changed.
  • The use of leakage and damaging batteries led to the disqualification of the team. (if damaging the arena).
  • No AC-supply were allowed.