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naanga appadithaan

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KCLAS LH 11, LH 12


May 20, 2022
9 a.m.

General Event Fee

88700 61599


8 Hours

Want to break free from the pattern of being judged solely on the basis of your responses, which are based on predetermined standard ideas and solutions? 

Join our feud to see how your ideas and solutions stack up against public opinion. 

Tech feud is a game similar to Family feud in that it encompasses both technical and non-technical domains in order to put on a similar performance with the use of mass public opinion and auction cards to answer questions. 

*A team should accommodate 2 - 3 members.
*On the first round, one player from each team competes against the other. 
*The participant who provides the first response receives the first chance to answer.
* If that response is the most popular, the team gains ownership of the question.
 *If not, the opposing contender must strive to produce a higher-ranking response in order for his or her team to gain control.
*After gaining possession of the question, the winning side must submit more responses, one by one. 
*During this stage of the game, they are not allowed to talk to one other. 
*The team receives a strike if one of the answers is not among the most popular.
*When a team reaches its maximum limit of 3 strikes the other team gets to answer.
 *If the team can correctly guess all of the most popular answers in the quiz, they will win.