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Y'20 Paper Presentation

Paper Presentation


09:00 AM

Specific Event Fee - ₹500



6 Hours

An idea is a salvation by imagination. "The true sign of Intelligence is imagination" Are you the one with Creative ideas in your technical domain? then definitely, this will be your platform for your ideas to take shape to the next level . Don’t just sit quiet, stand up and its the time for you to act on it. Here comes Kumaraguru Yugam 20 and we proudly present you the Y20 Paper Presentation. Put your ideas into words and may it change the world into a better place.


  •  The fees will be collected on the spot also.​
  •  Maximum of three members per team.
  •  Your abstract should be updated on the website.
  •  The abstract should be submitted on or before February 25th.
  •  The maximum duration of the presentation is 10 minutes
  •  Intimation of selected papers will be sent through mails on or before February 27th.
  •  Send your ppt on or before March 1st.



Department of Automobile Engineering:

  •  Autonomous Vehicle
  •  Electric Vehicle
  •  Hybrid Vehicle
  •  Commercial Vehicle
  •  Power Train
  •  Drive Line
  •  Blindspot elimination
  •  Thermal efficiency of an IC engine
  •  Smart Headlights
  •  EV range extender

Department of Aeronautical Engineering:

  • Biomimetics in Aeronautics
  • Vibration and noise reduction technique used in aircraft
  •  Airworthiness of aircraft
  •  Fuel Cells in Aeronautics
  •  Aeroelasticity
  •  Aircraft running with renewable fuel technology
  • Flexible wing aircrafts
  • Zero-fuel aircraft
  •  Bluff body aerodynamics
  •  Fluid-structure interaction
  •  Zero-emission aircraft
  •  Renewable energy and Green aviation
  •  Distributed electric propulsion system
  •  Cryogenics

Department of Civil Engineering:

  •  Green Building for quality living
  •  Implementing intelligent Transportation system
  •  Green Concrete
  • Uses of site robots in construction
  •  Building Information Models
  •  Zero energy building
  •  Artificial intelligence in civil engineering
  •  Plastic roads
  •  Smart cities
  •  Smart material in Civil Engineering
  •  Advances in Structural Engineering
  • Using drones in the surveying field
  • Construction of buildings in outer space(tera forming concept)

Department of Mechanical Engineering:

  •  Battery and fuel cells
  •  Thermal engineering
  •  Energy resources
  •  Internal/external combustion engines
  •  Virtual engineering( solution designs using AutoCAD pro-E, solid works software)
  •  Flexible manufacturing
  •  Eco-friendly fuels
  •  Emission control techniques
  •  Fuels from plastic wastes or other non-degradable wastes
  •  Green manufacturing systems
  •  Computer-aided manufacturing
  •  Automation in automobiles
  •  Process modeling and simulation
  •  Alternate fuels
  •  Future automobiles
  •  Recent trends in manufacturing
  •  Advances in energy generation
  •  Robotics and industrial automation

Department of Mechatronics:

  •  Smart Bins
  •  Solar Powered Hybrid Multi-mode Water wheeler
  •  LPG refrigeration system with zero operating cost
  •  Design and Fabrication of adjustable multiseasonal harvesting machine
  •  Design and Fabrication of Neem Seed De-Pulping Machine
  •  Design and Fabrication of Pepper Separator Machine
  •  Conversion of Waste Bagasse to Bio-Oil by Pyrolysis
  •  360 Degree Rotation of Kinematic Walker Mechanism
  •  Ignition Interlock Device for Motorcycles
  •  Human Powered Forklift


Department of Electrical and Instrumentation:

  •  Bio medical instrumentation
  •  Neural and fuzzy logic
  •  Digital image processing
  •  Instrumentation system design
  •  Anlytical instrumentation
  •  Control systems
  •  Industrial instrumentation
  •  Process control
  •  Electronic and electrical measurement
  •  Plant process operation

Department of Electronics Engineering:

  • 2-D electronics
  • Organic electronics
  •  Memristors
  •  Robotics and Automation
  •  Speech recognition
  •  Jamming and anti-jamming techniques
  •  Programmable logic gates
  •  Vehicle monitoring and security system
  •  Radiofrequency identification techniques
  •  Intelligent transport system
  •  MEMS technology
  •  VLSI

Department of Electrical Engineering:

  •  Brushless motors
  •  Electric cars
  •  Electromagnetic brakes
  •  Electrostatic generators
  •  Emergency power systems
  •  Energy-saving devices
  •  Flash electrical safety
  •  Fuel cells on aerospace
  •  Special electrical machines
  •  Power system in protection and control
  •  Solid-state devices
  •  Microcontroller based speed controls
  •  Latest trends in home technology
  •  Hybrid electric vehicles
  •  Superconductivity
  •  E-Bomb

Department of Electronics and Communication:

Domain 1:

AI and Blockchain Technology:

  •  Machine learning
  •  Deep learning
  •  ROS

Domain 2:

Embedded systems and IoT

  •  Smart city 
  •  Smart Sensor
  •  Intelligence transport system
  •  Robotics

Domain 3:


  •  Wireless Communication(Device)
  • 5 G technology
  •  Optic fiber
  •  Wireless Sensor network

Domain 4:

  • VLSI

Domain 5:

Medical, Domestic, Industrial Applications:

  •  Wearable health care equipment

Domain 6: 

Signal processing:

  •  Natural Language processing
  •  Speech signal processing
  • Image processing


Department of Computer science and Engineering:

  •  BlockChain
  •  Digital Forensics
  •  Mobile Computing
  •  Hadoop in big data

Department of Information and Technology:

  •  Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality
  •  Ethical hacking
  •  Honeypot
  •  Neural networks
  •  Internet of things
  •  Nano computing
  •  Cloud computing
  •  Big data
  •  Advanced databases
  •  Image processing in computer vision
  •  Software Testing & Quality Assurance


Department of Textile Technology:

  •  Agricultural application of textiles Bio-based
  •  Biodegradable microencapsulating technology – cosmeto textiles
  •  Integrated quality assurance for non-wovens
  •  Microstructure and macrostructure of textile fibers
  •  3D-Textiles and preforms
  •  Ceramic Fibres
  •  Industrie 4.0 in textile technology
  •  Biopolymers
  •  Textile architecture
  •  Patents
  •  Medical Smart Textiles

Department of Fashion Technology:

  • Costume Design
  • Fashion Retail Management
  •  Visual Merchandising
  • Apparel Merchandising
  • Product Design
  •  Apparel care and Finishing
  • Quality Assurance
  •  Fabric Structure and Design
  •  Apparel costing
  • Apparel Production Planning and Control


  • Agri
  • Environment
  • Food
  • Medicine