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Mechanical Sciences

RC Track

May 20, 2022
10 a.m.

Specific Event Fee - ₹600

94891 35856


6.30 Hours

Feeling passionate building and racing a RC car? We, the department of mechatronics are hosting a time trial for RC cars! It is time you bring your RC car, facing the fastest and toughest trial, testing your speed and stability!

1. The maximum dimension of the robot can be 30 cm x 25cm x20 cm (l x b x h) 
2. Maximum weight must not exceed 3 kg. 
3. This is racing event, so the fastest and most balanced robot will win. 
4. No test practice will be allowed on the arena. 
5. The robot must not leave behind any of its parts during the run , team members can reset the robot though .
6. The competition is based on time trial system. 
7. There will be a qualifying round and a final round. The robot should pass the qualifying round to enter the final round. Time taken to pass the final round will be taken as the result.
8. Team members are allowed only three times to touch or reset their robots position during the run. However, this will lead to a time penalty and timer will not stop during this course of action.
9. There will be many obstacles placed in track, robot need to overcome it.