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Code The Controller

workshop - School of Mechanics
March 2, 2020
9 a.m.



E Block - E217

7 Hours

Are you curious about the flight controller and multirotor? Learn the basics of the flight controller and gain the basic knowledge of electronic components in multirotor.

Hosting Company: AFI Technologies

Course Content:
Flight Controller (FC) is one of the most important components used in building a Quadcopter or multirotor, in other words, FC is the brain of the multirotor and thus it is important to gain knowledge on coding this flight controller. This workshop mainly focuses on educating the students with basic knowledge about the Flight controller (FC) Programming used in the UAVs along with the other important electrical components used in the multirotor and how it works. The participants will be able to understand the process involved behind the coding of the Quadcopters or multirotor. Professional trainers, for a clear understanding and a high standard of education, handle this workshop. After attending the workshop the participants will gain some basic knowledge about the working of the UAV’s and its importance in the modern world. The participants will be provided with e-certificates.