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CAD Application in Home Textiles

workshop - textile science
March 3, 2020
9 a.m.



D Block - FT CAD Lab

7 Hours

This workshop focuses on developing the designing skills of the students. This workshop will revolve around design patterns used in Home textiles. The benefits pertaining to this workshop is that the students will understand and execute the necessary techniques and controls needed. It will also help in creating better designs that relate to the current trends. The highlight of this workshop is the design techniques that will be taught and their usage in all applications related to CAD. CAD helps to visualize and see the imaginative design in the final form without the need for producing sample. The assessment will be based on the participant's design sample that they themselves have to create.

Hosting Company: GK Design Studios

Course Content:
  • Basic drawing practice.
  • Basic motif.
  • 3d design development.
  • Sunflower stages.
  • Tools application.
  • Replicas.
  • Editing.
  • Weave patterns double cloth weaves.