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Real dynamics for vehicle design

workshop - School of Mechanics
March 4, 2020
9 a.m.



E Block - VDD Lab

7 Hours

“Designers are meant to be loved, not to be understood”
Ever tried to design a vehicle on your own but was out of design platforms?
Join us to learn Adams car software
Real dynamics for vehicle design using Adams car software allows students to design and simulate their vehicles to maximize their vehicle performance. This workshop concentrates on the quick build and tests functional virtual prototypes of complete vehicles and vehicle subsystems.

Come on grab this opportunity and the day is going to be yours.!

Course Content:
  • Introduction to multibody dynamics
  • Simulation of the mechanical drive using Adams machinery,
  • Simulation on the automobile steering system,
  • Simulation of suspension system (ATV) Car simulation on different events (braking, lane changing) using Adams car,
  • Introduction to electric vehicle simulation using car sim 2019