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Fabrication of composite material

workshop - School of Mechanics
March 4, 2020
9 a.m.



E Block - Aero dynamics Lab

7 Hours

The modern materials are ruling over society as they withstand highly crucial environmental conditions.
Thus, testing of those composite materials plays a vital role these days. The steady processes of testing of composite materials will be taught by Vimmana labs private India private limited This session will be conducted with a kit to fabricate the composite materials and also testing will be conducted in Universal Testing Machine (UTM).
Enrol here to learn testing with certificates of participation too!.

Hosting Company: Vimanna Labs

Course Content:
  • This workshop gives you hands-on training on the fabrication of composite materials(Hand lay-up method).
  • The participants will be provided with a kit. It is a one day workshop that will help you acquire a precise knowledge of composite materials along with testing of composite materials in Universal Testing Machine (UTM).