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Electrical Sciences


May 21, 2022
9 a.m.

General Event Fee



4 Hours

Are you a person who is enthusiastic about Encryption and Decryption techniques? 

Here, comes the event LOCK AND KEY. The event is all about encrypting or decrypting a message using a KEY. 

In the beginning, as a part of the event, a seminar will be conducted by one of the technical faculties to give insights to the participants on the topic of network security. 

Following this, there will be two rounds : 

1. Quiz round 

2. Programming challenge  

Round 1: A technical quiz will be conducted based on the network security topics given(Encryption, Decryption, Ciphers and their types, etc)​ 

Round 2: Participants will be given a set of programming questions based on cryptography and they have to solve it by using any coding languages known to them(C, C++, etc). 

Come, participate, get the key and find a suitable strong lock for the key!  Let's play Lock and Key!!

Rules :
1. It is compulsory for all the participants to attend the seminar session which will be conducted at the beginning of the event
2. There will be two rounds and it is a team participation 
3. Maximum of 2 members per team is allowed.
4. The team which gives the most accurate answers in less time in the quiz round will be selected for the programming round.
5. The teams must complete the rounds within the allotted time.
5. Evaluation for the 2nd round will be based on the correctness of the Program output, design logic, and time consumed.

6. If any of the teams indulge in any kind of malpractices and if found will be disqualified from the event.