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CANSAT Worskhop

workshop - Embedded
May 18, 2022
10 a.m.




15 Hours

Humanity has long been attracted by space science and its countless secrets. Have you 
ever wondered how a rocket takes off? What is the best way to develop and launch a satellite? 
There are always questions and responses to those questions. The concept of CANSAT was 
created to excite the environment of genuine space missions.
This workshop aims to provide theoretical as well as practical knowledge about space 
science, satellites, satellite subsystems, its types, uses, sensors, structure design, calculation, 
model making, electronics, programming, drop test, analysis and data recovery

Team size: Minimum 2 members and maximum 5 members per team
No.of days:Three-day workshop 
Course contents:
Basic Introduction of satellite

 Sensor Soldering

 Basics of PCB Design 

Introduction to microcontroller and microprocessor 

Basics of sensors

 Introduction to Embedded C 

 Coding and Testing

Structural Design of CANSAT


 Parachute Design and testing 

 Drop Test of CANSAT

 Introduction to Antenna