and NFTs


workshop - Programming
May 20, 2022
9:30 a.m.




6 Hours

Dive into a place parallel to the physical world, where you spend your virtual life.
Being a futuristic project Metaverse dives into a wide array of applications of AI&ML and augmented reality. We will also come across other blockchain-bound computations such as cryptos and NFTs in Metaverse. Understanding the workings of AI&ML in Metaverse, NFT minting and crypto mining will be discussed.
Artificial intelligence and metaverse are two of the leading advancement in the field of technology. Students interested in AI, ML, Block-Chain, Cryptos, and NFTs can enroll in this workshop. The working and application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the field of metaverse along with a note on NFTs and Cryptos will be discussed. Students have minimal knowledge of metaverse these days. The metaverse is an immersive, interactive environment generated by a computer. This workshop enables them to get to know the full stack knowledge on the field. Students will get insights into the methods of designing used in the front end, the algorithms, the Machine Learning methods, the Artificial intelligence techniques, and how and where these sectors are used in metaverse, cryptos, and NFTs. 
To enhance interaction and a better understanding, selected students will get a chance to create, mint, and publish an NFT in their name. A small quiz will be conducted at the end. The students will be selected based on how interactive they are in the session and their scores on the quiz. This grabs the students attention and will definitely keep them attentive and interactive as well. In the end, the students not only understand the concept but get a chance to see how NFTs are created and published in the market. The best ones get NFTs published on their name. The concepts, as well as real-life working, are also exhibited. Students will also be explained how to create a metamask wallet,opensea account, and how to connect them, and also a crisp note on Sandbox and Decenterland will be provided. 
These are the key takeaways from the workshop