Academic writing tools for researchers: LaTeX

workshop - Embedded
May 19, 2022
10 a.m.




6 Hours

The workshop titled Academic Tools in Research Paper Writing, focuses on equipping the participants with basics of Latex documentation tools and other tools that will further help them streamline their work and collaborations in an efficient way while working on research papers.

Scientific research leads to progress in some fields of life. New products, new facts, new concepts and new ways of doing things are being found due to ever-increasing significant research in the physical, the biological, the social and the psychological fields. Research today is no longer confined to the science laboratory. And irrespective of the domain, stage of work and career, research is an arduous and time consuming task. And online tools such as Latex and others provide essential aid in managing and organizing them effectively. In this workshop, these helpful tools will be briefed on to make the participants future endeavour in research easier with also beneficial effects.

Addressing the Basics of Research – Dr. Bharathi M, Professor, Dept. of ECE, KCT
Introduction to Latex Software and other academic tools – Mr. Arun Kumar S, Assistant Professor I, Dept. of ECE, KCT