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Industrial Automation

workshop - School of Mechanics
March 2, 2020
9 a.m.



B Block - PLC Lab

A Block - Hydramatics Lab

B Block - PLC Lab

A Block - Hydramatics Lab

14 Hours

Nowadays every business looks to optimize production cost. Automation at low cost is beneficial two-fold- it eliminates or at least reduces labour cost and it brings down overall production cost. Industries look for a cost-effective life cycle that is suitable for automation in design, production, operation, maintenance, refitting or recycling. In our current world, though there are new technologies budding daily, Hydraulics and Pneumatics are the only thing which remains in the industry for Longtime due to its Industrial standard, low cost and reliable solution. PLC is One Giant which make Automation in Industry. It is essentially an industrial computer. You will find PLCs across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, travel, aerospace, printing, textiles, agriculture, and film. Where there’s automation, there’s bound to be a PLC at work.

Are you interested in Industrial Automation? then it's your place.

Course content: 

Day I :

  •  Introduction to PLCs used in automation systems
  • Different types of PLC programming methods 
  • Ladder logic programming for ABB PLC
  • Interfacing electronic hardware timers
  • Hands on training in interfacing digital inputs and outputs of ABB PLC
  • Software simulation training in traffic light controlling,silo simulation,Automatic bottle filling system
Day II:
  • Introduction to fluid power technology
  • Components used in hydraulics and pneumatics system
  • Making simple  hydraulics and pneumatics logic circuits
  • Designing and simulating hydraulics and pneumatics circuits using automation studio 6.0
  • Hands on training of making  hydraulics and pneumatics circuits for industrial applications
  • Introduction of ABB industrial robotic arm IRB 1410
  • Hands on experience in pick and placing the objects using IRB 1410.