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SketchUp 3D Modeling & Integration with Navisworks

workshop - civil
March 2, 2020
9 a.m.



D Block - CADD Lab 3rd Bay

7 Hours

"Ever imagined of designing a 3D model by yourself? Are you a future architect who wishes to design buildings using SketchUp? Experience a new outstanding 3D design tool - SketchUp, with hands-on training to turn your creativity into reality. This includes a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design and civil. Also, this workshop provides knowledge on the Pre-construction phase of a project using Navisworks software. Briefing on BIM model review, clash detection and the creation of guided experience for project stakeholders to improve a project's outcome can be evidently analyzed with the help of animated walkthroughs stage by stage. Register and learn to be a dandy fine designer. "

Hosting Company: CADD Centre

Course Content:
  • Introduction to Sketchup
  • 3D elevation of a residential building
  • Applying of materials and textures
  • Components creation
  • Walk-through and Rendering
  • Introduction to Navisworks