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Fluid Analysis using FLUENT 16.2

workshop - School of Mechanics
March 2, 2020
9 a.m.



D Block - CADD Lab 1st Bay

D Block - CADD Lab 2nd Bay

7 Hours

It's time to bring the new technological enhancements with our open ANSYS Workbench platform to deliver unmatched engineering productivity! This seeks to bring innovation through comprehensive multiphysics analyses and HPC capabilities. Advancement in engineering simulation designed to support an integrated, streamlined approach to design exploration and the creation of a complete virtual prototype is ANSYS 14.5! The ANSYS Workbench platform streamlines workflow among simulation applications. Let us get this project schematic view tied together with the entire simulation process, guiding the user through even the most complex multiphysics analysis with drag-and-drop simplicity!

Course Content:
  • Failure analysis theory
  • Geometry Design Modeler and Geometry import
  • Geometry cleanup
  • Meshing
  • Meshing advanced options
  • Static structural analysis
  • Transient structural analysis
  • Steady thermal analysis
  • Transient thermal analysis
  • Linear nonlinear analysis
  • Multibody dynamics familiarization
  • Model analysis
  • Thermal structural modal coupled analysis
  • Explicit dynamics
  • Fatigue failure analysis
  • Buckling FEM analysis
  • Bolt pretension – Sub modelling