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Wall painting

Fine Arts

Art lovers, got no plans for March ? Wall painting presents you with the opportunity to channel and express the Picasso in you. Capture hearts and enchant souls by creating an everlasting expression engraved on walls.
Event Details:
1. Theme- on spot
2. Time limit
  Preliminary round - 1 hour
  Final round - 2 hours 30 minutes
3. Members per team - Max. 3
4. Prizes worth Rs. 5000
Rules and regulations:
1. For the preliminary round , students should draw/paint their idea on a paper within the given time limit
2. Best 4 ideas are selected for final round and allowed to paint on the wall
3. Art supplies will be provided
4. On spot entries are not allowed
5. Wall dimensions will be informed to the teams registering for event.
6. For any queries, contact event coordinators.