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Reel N Real


MBA Conference Hall

May 21, 2022
10 a.m.

General Event Fee

96776 56421


3 Hours

'Reel and Real' is a lively event that involves the participants to bring out their creativity and spontaneity. This event includes two rounds, 

Round 1: A set of pictures will be displayed from which the participants have to develop an interesting story or a plotline. 

Round 2: The participant are supposed to enact a particular movie clip displayed in a way that is contrary to the genre of the clip.
1) Languages used can be both English and Tamil . 
2) Languages used must be polite. 
3) There should not be any act of negligence. 
4) There should not be any act of vulgarity.
5) Participants qualified in the first round will proceed to the second round. 
6) The results made by the judging panel will be the final one."