naanga kct

naanga appadithaan

namma yugam

Clear the Controversy

Political Science

Parliamentary debate is a fast-paced event in which a team of three debaters is given a limited amount of time to prepare arguments on a topic that varies each round. Teams debate the resolution in favour of or against it, depending on convincing delivery, skillful language, and compelling analytical reasons to prevail.
Rules and regulations:
1. Must follow the team maximum size limit (3 per team)
2. Timings will be followed strictly for the individual content delivery
3. One will speak “for the
motion” and the other member will speak “against the motion”.
4. Each team will get 6minutes (2 +2.5 minutes) to speak and 1 minute
for interjection.
5. Interjections will be raised from the opponent  (only one).
6. Paper reading while debating can affect the results of the participants.
7. Offensive, personal or defamatory expressions will not be accepted in
any case.