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The Auction Arena


  • KCT
  • Feb. 27, 2023
  • 9 a.m.
  • Specific Event Fee - ₹500 + 10 (Convenience Fee)
  • 6374946058
  • ₹8000
  • 10 Hours

The ultimate auction experience, The Auction Arena with BOTH PRELIMS and FINALS as AUCTION.
Each team will be given a fixed amount of money (virtual) which will be used by them to buy players in the auction. The aim will be to build a squad that maximizes the total ratings of all the players of the team in the limited budget along with restrictions on the total number of players.

Date of events:
Prelims: 27-02-23 & 28-02-23
Finals: 04-03-23

Event Format:
Prelims: Legendary Players Auction
Experience the excitement of bidding on your favorites Retired International Cricket players! From former world-class batsmen to legendary bowlers, this auction is your chance to own a piece of cricket history.

Finals: Mega IPL Auction
Join the wild bidding as teams compete for the best players at the auction. This will have all the classic IPL rules. Make your Dream 11!

Rules and Regulations:
Team Size – Maximum 4 Members
The top 10 Teams of Prelims are selected for Finals -  CLASSIC IPL Auction.
Intercollege collaboration is allowed
Open to all College students, participants must bring their ID cards on the date of the event.
The registered teams captain will be added in a WhatsApp group and all the updates regarding the event will be given in the WhatsApp Group
Players auctioned will have a rating in both Prelims & Finals
Results will be based on Rating Only.