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LFR challenge


LFR Challenge


EEE Department - B312

09:30 AM

General Event Fee



5 Hours

Can your robot find its way out through difficult paths and confusing mazes. It’s a race against the clock as every robot tries to work its way through the trails of baffling mazes. The competitor need to participate with autonomous robot that solves the maze!!!!

Rules and Regulations:

  • The Line follower must be autonomous and not externally operated via remote or Bluetooth
  •  Usage of phones to control the bot or for any other purpose is not allowed during the contest.
  • After completion of each rounds the contestants shall replace batteries and do changes to the bot and not during the contest.
  •  Trial run for the bots before the contest are allowed.
  •  If the bot runs off the track, contestants will be allowed a maximum of three attempts for each round.
  •  Juries decision will be final and request for up gradation of result will not be considered.
  •  For round 3 ,Contestants will be allowed to pick a lot and track colour depends on the lot picked.
  •  Contestants shall participate as a team or as an individual.
  •  A maximum of 3 participants are allowed per teams.

Track Description:

  •  The length of the track will be given accordingly on the day of contest.
  •  The surface of the track will be made of a base material suitable for racing .
  •  A total of four tracks will be used for the contest colour.
  •  For round 1,track will be black in colour.
  •  For round 2 colour inversed track of both black and white colours will be provided.
  •  For round 3 red and green track will be provided and the contestant will be asked to complete either one of the tracks based on the lot picked.
  • complete either one of the tracks based on the lot picked.
  •  Width of the track will be 1.5 inches in size.