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Shark tank

Highlight Events


May 19, 2022
10 a.m.

Specific Event Fee - ₹500



8 Hours

Last date to register has been extended to 18 May 2022.

The teams will send an abstract about their project/product/idea along with a demo video of 3 minutes.

Before the pitch, the teams will be given masterclasses on 3 important topics by experts in their fields which will help on their final pitch through online mode. These topics are: 
  • Business Model
  • Financial Analysis
  • Pitch Deck
These masterclasses will happen before the pitch and the exact date and time will be intimated to the teams.

All teams will pitch their product/idea with hardware and presentations to the "sharks" in-person on the 19th of May. They must be prepared with a comprehensive plan of action along with financial expectations.
The "Sharks" will make a deal for investment if they are interested.
10 Lacks worth of Prototyping Grants will also be given by Forge.
The best teams will also be awarded prizes worth Rs. 30,000. (The judge's decision will be final).

(The fees will be paid for the whole team, so only one member needs to register and pay. The other members will also have to create Yugam IDs)