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Robo Rash


Behind Kore

10:00 AM

General Event Fee



6 Hours

Are you a Race freak? Yes? Then here is a track to rush! Create a bot of your own with the mentioned constraints. Let your bot be the fastest and inevitable. Gear up with any micro-controller and show your talents through them. Suit up your bot! We promise to bring a party to them!

Rules and Regulations:
  •  The maximum dimension of the robot can be 30 cm x 25cm x20 cm (l x b x h)
  •  Maximum weight must not exceed 3 kg.
  • The electrical voltage anywhere in the machine should not be more than 12V DC at any point of time.
  •  This is racing event so fastest and most balanced robot will win.
  •  Robot should be as per the given specifications and should not exceed any above mentioned specifications.
  •  Each team can have maximum four members. Students from different institutes can form a team.
  •  Each member of the team must contain the identity card of his/her respected institute.
  •  The robot should not damage the arena.
  •  No test practice will be allowed on the arena.
  •  The robot must not leave behind any of its parts during the run; else it will result in disqualification.
  •  Unethical behavior could lead to disqualification.
  •  Judge's decision will be considered final.