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Yum Food Bonanza

Life Science

Food is the basic human need to stay alive. Food being our major source of energy and nourishment, it is important that we eat non-contaminated and nutrient packed meals. The food we eat everyday undergoes so many processes and procedures before it reaches us to ensure maximum wellness and minimum illness. Yum Food Bonanza is an entertaining and enlightening event by the end of which you would have learnt a lot of interesting facts about food technology and food sciences.

Rules and regulations:
Round 1: 
Riddle Paradox:

Preliminary round – Riddles
This is a contest of wit and to test the skillset before time runs out.
Time  – 1 hour

Round 2:
Truth in a lie:
A set of statements will be given in which the participant has to choose the true statement  hidden among lies.
Time : 1 hour

Round 3:
Comic creation on microbes in food.
Name of the microbe and a food material will be given to each group to draw comics.
Participants from first two rounds will be shortlisted are eligible to participate in the final round