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09:00 AM

General Event Fee



6 Hours

Heard of Iron man saving the world from threats or disaster? It would be fascinating if such things happen for real. You are going to make the bot ready to face the battle and find a way out. We challenge you with the theme, "path finding during a disaster"! You are going to be the Tony Stark to your Jarvis! Get it done, its party time! Solve the maze, clear the obstacles!

Rules and Regulations:
  • A team may contain at most 4 members.
  • Each member of the team should have complete knowledge about the bot and the components used.

  • The arena is divided into three zones viz., autonomous zone, switching zone, and manual zone.
  • The autonomous zone has a starting line. Then it contains walls with sharp edges and turns.
  • The height of the wall is 0.5 feet.
  • At the end of this zone, there is a switching zone. The next part is the manual zone. This zone contains certain obstacles in certain regions. At the end of the manual zone is the pole for making U-turn.
  • The track width will not be less than 0.75 ft in an autonomous zone and will not be less than 2 ft in a manual zone.
  • The bot must be within the dimension of 0.5ftx0.5ft.
  • The bot has to be controlled in both autonomous and in manual mode in the respective zones.
  • The bot can be controlled with wireless communication in manual mode. It can use many techniques to find its path in the autonomous zone and can adopt any technique to remove the obstacles.

  • The bot has to start from the start line into an autonomous zone.
  • In this region, the bot has to operate autonomously.
  • It has to find its own path in between the walls and reach the switching zone.
  • If the bot hits the wall, 5 sec will be added as a penalty to the total time taken by the bot to complete the tasks.
  • If the bot got stuck in between the wall, the team member can release the bot with a penalty of 10 sec.
  • Once the bot reaches the switching zone it can be switched into manual mode for operating in the manual zone.
  • In this zone, the bot has to pass through a few obstacles which will hinder the path.
  • The bot has to remove the obstacles in the path and have to create its path for moving ahead and reach the U-turn pole.
  • During removing the obstacles, the obstacle should be placed on either side of the path.
  • If the bot fails to clear the field and moves further, 3 sec is added as penalty. Then the bot has to reach the U-turn pole, turn and reach the start line. The total time taken for the bot to complete with penalty is taken into account for evaluation.
  • The event will be conducted in four rounds.
  • Technical inspection.
  • Autonomous stage
  • Manual stage
  • Finals.

  • At first, the bot will be inspected in the technical inspection round.
  • In this inspection, the bot will be inspected for the qualification for the next round.
  • The bot size, components used and the participant’s knowledge about the bot is evaluated here. 
  • The team which passes the technical inspection round will be qualified for the next round.
  • Battery specifications: 24V
This stage includes the first part of the game, the autonomous stage. The bot will be started from the start line in an autonomous zone and has to reach the switching zone. The time taken for reaching the switching zone with penalty will be considered for evaluation. There will be no elimination in this round.

  • In this stage, the bot will be operated in manual mode. The bot has to start from the switching zone, pass through the cleaning zone, reach the U-turn pole and return to the start line. The time taken along with bonuses and penalties is counted for evaluation.
  • The rank list of teams based on the cumulative time taken by the bot in the autonomous round and manual round will be declared.
  • Top 4 teams will be qualified for the finals.
  • In finals, the autonomous round and manual round will be combined as a single round. There will be limited time allocated for reprogramming in the switching zone. Everything should be counted for time consideration. Switching can be made predefined.