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NITE - Project presentation



08:00 AM

Specific Event Fee - ₹800



12 Hours

All the innovative minds out there! Yugam 2020 takes great pride in conducting National Innovation & Tech Expo (NITE), a national level project presentation that seeks to converge your ideas to bring out futuristic projects!  The event primarily focuses on inventive and experimental projects from major domains such as IT, Electronics, Mechanics, Textile and Life Sciences to solve notable real-time problems of industries and society. 

Come, be a part of this contemporary tech fest, show your tech-tremendous ability by unleashing the technocrat in you!


SMART - “Gateway to a smart world”

Smart city

 Smart city emphasis improving the quality of life through the development of physical, social and economic infrastructure setting in motion a virtuous cycle of growth.


  Its the area of focus includes transportation system, monitoring and managing traffic, water supply networks, waste management, crime detection, information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, community services, climate change, economic restructuring, online retail and entertainment, aging population and urban population growth, other utilities and much more.


Smart industry

 The smart industry stands for radical digitalization, connecting products, machines, people, and the use of new production technology.


 The trending topics in this domain include additive manufacturing, composite materials, advanced mobile devices, improved IOT platform, human-machine interface, authentication, and fraud detection, smart sensors, augmented reality and wearable, data visualization and triggered real-time training and much more.


Smart life sciences


The smart life science ecosystem is engagingly efficient and fully connected from production to distribution.


 This domain includes biocomputers, biocontrol, bioengineering, bioelectronics, biomaterials, biomedical science, biomonitoring, biopolymer, kinesiology, medical devices and much more.

*Team NITE also appreciates prototypes from domains other than those mentioned above.



    ROUND-1: Submission of application

   ROUND-2: Video Presentation

    ROUND-3: Live Presentation and Exhibition


  • Open for all Students to participate.



  • The team should contain a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 members including the team lead.

  • The teams should register their projects before the 25th of February 2020

  • The registration fee for the event is Rs.800/- per team (Irrespective of the team size).

  • All further details will be conveyed through a team member's registered mail id.

  • The team is responsible for arriving with working hardware/software installed for the demonstration and the project must be fully functional and implemented. 

  • The team must bring their own laptop.

  • The Live Presentation at the event, is a three-minute PowerPoint overview of each team and project accompanied by a live demonstration of the project. 

  • At the end of the presentation, the judges will have ten minutes to evaluate the team's project. 

  • Decisions and evaluations made by judges will be final.

  • Accommodation facilities will be available on demand.




  • The teams that break into the top 5 will be incubated in RiG-crew of technocrats, researchers and executors, KCIRI - Research Body of Kumaraguru Institutions.

  • Their project will be recommended to FORGE – Incubator for market scale.

  • Also, there will be an open day after the event where the top 15 teams will get an opportunity to interact with companies and industries.

  • After this session,  companies and industries will confer them with due recognition 



Prizes for each category

  • Winner            - 50,000/- 

  • Runner            - 25,000/-

  • Short prizes     - 5000/- 



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