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Thulir'23 National Yogasana Championship


  • KCT
  • Feb. 25, 2023
  • 8 a.m.
  • Specific Event Fee - ₹300 + 10 (Convenience Fee)
  • 7010224083
  • ₹30000
  • 9 Hours

Athletic Yoga Competition
Common Category (Separate for boys & girls)

Category for contestants:
Group A: 1st & 2nd standard
Group B: 3rd & 4th standard
Group C: 5th & 6th standard
Group D: 7th to 9th standard
Group E: 10th,11th,12th Standard & Polytechnic students
Group F: UG & PG

•The contestant has to perform five asanas ( four asanas from the given asana chart and one asana as per their choice) 
• Asanas should be performed as per the given chart. • All participants will be awarded a participation certificate. 
• 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize for each category will be awarded a shield and a certificate.

Champion of champions
• 1st place from each group of the common category will compete in Champion of champions for free 
• The contestants who are willing to take part in Champion of champions can participate with the registration fee of Rs.400 on the date of the competition. 
• Each contestant should perform five asanas and the asanas will be left to the contestants choice (Front bend - 1, Back bend - 1, Twisting - 1, Hand balance - 1, Leg balance -1) 
• The winners of champion of champions will be awarded a trophy and a certificate.

Rules And Regulations 
• The competition is open to all the individuals including members from yoga clubs, schools, colleges, education institutions and yoga association from all over India. • The contestants must bring their school/college ID for verification. 
• Contestants are requested to report before 8.00 AM 
• Dress code 
   • Boys: Yoga tights only (t-shirts/ shirts are not allowed) 
   • Girls: Yoga tights and t-shirts. 
   • Ornaments should be avoided. 
• Asanas’ evaluation will be based on the perfection of asanas, body alignment, range of flexibility, strength, balance and resistance and execution of Pranayama (control of energy). 
• Contestants should maintain good conduct and discipline during the competition. If not, the participant will be disqualified from the competition. 
• Lunch will be provided for all participants and the results will be announced around 4.00 PM. 
• The organization / institution / school participating with the maximum number of participants will be honored. 
• The fees once paid will not be refunded. The fees paid for one contestant will not be transferred for another contestant. 
• Judges will be appointed by the committee and their decision will be final. 
• The committee reserves the right to add, alter and amend the rules on the date of competition.