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24 hours film making challenge

24 hours film making challenge



09:00 AM

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24 Hours

Are there any creations without awesome Idealists and Creators? There can't be glittering Film stars without a spirited Director and a Scriptwriter behind. Do you want to pose yourself as a film-maker to the world? Alert!!

Team Nigal of KCT and IFP (Indian Film Project) collaborates to come up with the event and workshop, the 24 hour filmmaking challenge!Let your infinite hopes and imaginations do magic !

Attend the workshop on the basics and essentials of film making to give you a better understanding of the process before you make a short film for the 24 Hour Film making Challenge.

24 HOUR FILM MAKING CHALLENGE - Make a short film in 24 hours and get a chance to win the exciting goodies and direct entry to #IFP10

Cherish your path by grabbing this wonderful opportunity!

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Awards across each campus

Most Popular Campus Film – 1 Mobile Phone (Redmi Note 8, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage)
Platinum Film of the Campus – Cash prize of Rs. 5,000
Gold Film of the Campus – Cash Prize of Rs. 3,000
Silver Film of the Campus – Cash Prize of Rs. 2,000

Rules  and Regulations:

  •  The theme for the 24 Hour Film making Challenge will be announced on Helo App – IFP’s official page at the beginning of 24 Hours. 
  •  Tasks that each team has to perform during the 24 hour – Scripting, Casting, Location, Art Design, Shooting, Editing, rendering and uploading the film.
  •  Teams can shoot on DSLR or with Mobile camera which should be minimum of 720p or higher.
  •  The theme will be uploaded at the beginning of the 24 Hour on the IFP’s official Page on Helo App HTTP://M.HELO-APP.COM/AL/ZUMJQVRXF and     the film has to be uploaded on the Helo App after which submit the film link in the given Submission form HTTPS://FORMS.GLE/7DTNM4QDBNUTSN9T8">. 
  •  The film can be a maximum of 3 minutes, excluding the beginning and end credits.
  •  A team can have maximum of 5 members, excluding the cast.
  •  Any film uploaded after the 24 Hour deadline, it will be disqualified.
  •  If the film is not in Hindi or English, it must compulsorily have subtitles.
  •  Film must be an original work of the team and must not infringe third party’s rights.
  •  Film must not contain violent, obscene or any pornographic material or any material that hurts religious sentiments.
  •  There should not be any use of strong/obscene language in the film. 
  •  The films will be judged by IFP’s creative team.