IIYC - Inspire India Youth Con

Feb. 26, 2023
9 a.m.

Rs. 300 *



9 Hours

Inspire India Youth Con

Where seekers aspire, icons inspire
Dialogues and engagements instigate and motivate the youth to seek an undying inspiration and channel their energy into something greater. Inspire India Youth Con provides just that, Collaborative of Talk series, panel discussions, stories, monologues, workshops & pro shows. Aimed at igniting the youth to launch themselves into the ‘Constant idea generation’ and focus their mental health energies in the right direction.
1 day I 4 panel discussions I 2 monologues I 2 workshops I 1 proshow I Networking I Idea Xchange and much more
Young Entrepreneurs Young Disruptors Mental Health FinTech Influencers Women Achievers